Whether you are seeking brand recognition, broader customer base, or strengthening company identity, State Farm Hidalgo Arena is here to help! WE can help YOU accomplish your objective. More than 800,000 people visit the State Farm Hidalgo Arena annually and because of this steady stream of traffic, we provide the perfect advertising venue for your company. With an average of thousands of hits on our website daily, and a variety of advertising options available, let your company reap the benefits from the fantastic opportunities the State Farm Hidalgo Arena has to offer!

 Indoor Signage

  • Naming rights opportunities

  • Floor advertisement

  • Step advertisement

  • Vomitory signage

  • Closed circuit television commercials

  • Jumbo screen commercials

Outdoor Signage

  •  Marquee signage

 Facility Sponsorships


  • Food chain opportunities, etc.

  • Advertising space on our website

  • Creative joint marketing opportunity

  • And much more…


Please contact Chad García:


Phone. (956) 843-6688

Mobile. (956) 793.6604

Fax. (956) 843-5569